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Become an instructor


instructor steps


We are glad to welcome you as our next instructor on MCLschool platform. Simply send a mail to us at to indicate your intentions or contact us through our regular contact page. Our instructor support team will follow-up with you within 24hrs to finalize the engagement process. Typical process will cover the following:

A.   Identify your course   

♦  provide the course title you want to teach

♦  confirm how long it will take to fully develop the course

♦  confirm how many hours are you ready to commit to the development per week

B.   Plan your course   

Target students

  -  What will student learn in the course

  -  Course requirements or prerequisites

  -  Who are target students?

Course structure

               •  Create an outline:

                    -  what skills will the students be learning in this course?
                    -  organize your lecture into topics
                    -  put 2-5 lectures per topic

               •  Introduce yourself properly

                    -  Use the first 10 mins to introduce yourself and create very good excitement for the students
                    - Create very good excitement at the beginning of the course

               •  Clear learning objectives for each section and lecture

                    - Provide section goal as part of each section introduction and show why it is important
                    - Make lecture titles and topic titles reflect the content.
                    - Ensure the titles flow logically with the content

               •  Strive to make each lecture cover one concept

                    - About 2-15 minutes per lecture to sustain students’ interest
                    - Keep lectures around single topic

               •  Provide quizzes and practical exercises

C.   Create your video   

               •  Use proper video recording equipment

                    - Have proper lighting
                    - Make sure your voice is very clear, use good mic
                    - Make it exciting and be creative         

               •  Review content creation guideline

               •  Setup and test your video

D.   Create your Content


E.   Publish your course



Instructor Handbook

1.  Overview  

This instructor handbook provides MCLSCHOOL recommended standards for courses hosted on the platform. This forms the minimum standards for courses to be hosted. Our editorial team are available to support faculties to get ready their courses for the platform.

2.  Basic Course features  

A course that is ready for publishing should have following minimum features:










  - 14pt minimum body

  - 16pt minimum header


  - Blue or black text on white background

  - White text on blue background




Video & Audio





Video content

  - Short videos of 1-10mins

  - Minimum of 30mins video content

Video Quality

  - HD video quality (720p or 1080p)

Audio Quality

  - Properly synced to video

  - Very clear and does not distract learners


  - MP3 and MP4








  - Minimum of 5 different lectures

  - Rich educational content


  - Clear introduction, body and conclusion


Course Landing Page





Course image

  - High quality course image (min. 2048x1152 pixels)

Course details

 - Very well-written course title and subtitle  that includes relevant keywords

 - A brief, honest, well-written course description

 - Clear and concise course goals, target audience, and requirements that are easy to understand

Instructor bio

  - Complete and credible instructor bio together with profile picture

3.  Students Experience

These are minimum requirements to ensure effective learners experience:

3.1. Course audio should have

Aim to exceed audio quality students are expecting

  - Good base volume


  - No background noise


  - Minimal to no echo


  - No distracting sounds on some letters like “p” and “t” sounds. Pop filter helps to smoothen this



3.2. Course video

Good visual makes learning fun and easy

  - Use HD, 720p or 1080p with 16:9 aspect ratio


  - Be well-lit and without distractions around the video frame


  - Well framed and zoomed-in to make it easy for students to follow


  - Steady and not shaky


  - Very clear and not blurry to ensure students sees you and your materials very well


3.3.  Quality of Delivery

Sound like you are the authority in what you are teaching

  - Be enthusiastic and let your voice be energetic


  - Ensure clear pronunciation of words


  - Use pause appropriately to emphasize important points


  - Use straightforward speaking style with very few fill words like “umms”






4. Making Learning Easier and Fun

Students learn better with following course features:



  • Introductory lecture (2-5 minute) – creates the expectation of what to get in the course and each section


  • Challenge students with quick win action within the first 15 minutes of the course


  • Provide very clear goal for each section and ensure the lecture builds on that goal


  • Share 1 main concept or message per lecture.


  • Break multiple concepts in a module to different lectures of 2-15 minutes concept or message per lecture.


  • Provide at least 1 learning activity (e.g. quiz, assignment, etc) for each section to allow students apply what they learned


  • Make it easy for students to download resources they need for the course


  • The use of Websites is permitted and must show source reference footnotes as below
  • BOOKS REFERENCE - Firstname Lastname, “Title of Web Page,” Name of Website, Publishing Organization, publication or revision date if available, access date if no other date is available, URL.
  • VIDEO REFERENCE - Firstname Lastname - “Title of video,”




5.  Marketing your Course

Students learn better with following course features:



  • Clearly show skills student will learn in your course


  • Clearly identify your target audience and do not be too general


  • Demonstrate the kind of experience your course will provide in a 2-3 minute video


  • Make your course comparable to similar courses in the market with comparable prices, in length and structure


  • Provide the details of the modules the lecture will cover to give students confident to make purchase decision




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