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About Us

The most convenient global marketplace for learning and teaching

MCLschool in Toronto

The most convenient global marketplace for learning and teaching

1. What we do

MCLschool connects students to best teachers all over the world. We avail individuals and organizations the right capacity to attain their dreams.

2. Empowering people

Proper training prepares talents anywhere for great opportunities.

MCLschool provides access to online learning resources to anyone, anywhere and at anytime, to hone the right skills to transform their lives in a very dramatic way.

3. Our Beginnings

As immigrants to Canada, co-founders of MCLschool saw how learning can transform individuals and corporations when it is within reach. Founders were inspired to help others achieve same quality of transformation.

4. Our Market Place

Wherever skills are properly developed it opens great opportunities for individuals and for the society. MCLschool provides convenient place for instructors to reach their students wherever they are in the most convenient way for best learning to occur.

5. Our Instructors

Our instructors are passionate professionals in their fields, who are eager to share their knowledge to help students. They are up to date in their fields and actively follow their sectoral trends to keep the students abreast of the market changes.