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Blog entry by Ronald Caldwell

Cloud Learning


Cloud Learning

By Ron Caldwell P.Eng, PMP.

Everyday we use technology, sometimes consciously and intentional and other times subconsciously and non-intentional. Access to just about any type of information is available in the palm of our hands. From Smart Phones, Tablets to Laptop and Desktop Computers; our information access have never been made easier. With that, the way we access education has been changing, and will forever change as more and more we are forced to embrace cloud learning. We can now learn just about any topic we want to, anywhere we want to and at anytime we want to. Education and training have never been made more convenient.

With the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges are in abundance, but the foundation has already been set to weather these storms. Most educational institutions had to kick into action their Cloud learning contingency/resilience plans or created and implemented them on the fly. While others were just forced to fast track what they have been working on all along. Either way all present students had to adapt immediately regardless of the steepness of the learning curve.

The concepts and paradigms around what constitute a proper learning environment has changed forever, our present and future learning will be based on us choosing to learn when its most convenient for us to focus and concentrate. Cloud learning has now been forced upon just about everyone, from toddlers to seniors, and it is here to stay. One must now conform sooner or later.

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